Mankato City Council considers changes to patio occupancy rules

Mankato City Council considers changes to patio occupancy rules

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Mankato City Council is considering changes to patio occupancy rules.

The discussion sprung from a work session discussion on the city’s liquor license agreement.

Currently, under the liquor agreement, you can only have the number of people on the patio that you have seats on the patio. The city discussed a change to that rule to allow for more open space.

Additionally, the city also considered adjusting rules that state that the total occupancy of a restaurant also includes the patio.

”So if you have an establishment and the indoor occupancy is 100 people, and you also have a patio, you can only have 100 people total combined between the patio and indoors. Again that’s going to be dependent on the size of the patio. Whereas now we’re looking at potentially changing that condition and allowing for separate occupancies,” explained Matt DuRose, deputy director of public safety.

DuRose says the consideration was not related to the pandemic, but the city would abide by COVID-19 regulations in place.

The item has not been voted on yet.

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