Unique Classic Cars hosts its first car show of the season

Unique Classic Cars host first car show of the season after taking over a year off due to COVID.
This is a recording of KEYC News Now at 6 Saturday.
Updated: May. 8, 2021 at 7:06 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The first Unique Classic Cars Roll-in of the season kicked off this Saturday and drove dozens of spectators in to check out the display.

Classic car lovers were able to check out the hundreds of vehicles at the event, which also featured live music and plenty of food.

This weekend’s roll-in was hosted by Unique Classic Cars, and owner Jeremy Thomas says he is happy with the turnout, especially after many car shows were cancelled last year.

“It is really fun to see the smile on everyone’s faces that they are finally able to get out and do stuff,” Thomas said. “To have an event, especially in the car culture to have these sorts of events, seeing your buddies that are from different towns, even different states that are here today, it is really refreshing to get out and be able to do that.”

The event featured cars both old and new and brought car lovers from all over to marvel at what others brought to show off.

“Everybody has got a different take on what is their kind of vehicle, we got pick ups, we got corvettes, we have got custom cars, we got stock cars,” event attendee Bill Tonak said. “Everybody’s got their own take on cars and they are proud of their ride.”

This event wasn’t the last; several more are planned for the rest of spring and summer.

“The most satisfying thing about this event so far has been the numerous people that have come up to myself or my employees and very genuinely saying thank you for having this event because I think that everybody is so hungry to get back out and do things like this,” Thomas said.

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