Several Seattle restaurants, bars require customers to show vaccination proof

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 6:56 AM CDT
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SEATTLE (KOMO) - Many restaurants have signs that say “No shirts, no shoes, no service.” In Seattle, they are adding “No shots.”

A growing number of the city’s eateries are requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before dining.

It’s estimated that three dozen Seattle-area bars and restaurants are enforcing the policy.

Large local event organizers, such as the PAX West Gaming Convention, are also preparing to require guests to show proof of vaccination.

Musang Restaurant is a popular place for people who are new to or big fans of Filipino food.

“It is our job to help educate and promote Filipino cuisine,” owner Melissa Miranda said.

With more than 20 employees, Miranda said she wants to make sure her staff is safe.

New rules are taking effect in her restaurant. The requirements are now posted on Instagram.

“Basically we posted yesterday evening that we’d be requiring our guests to bring proof of vaccination and I.D. or results of a negative test. The decision is since there are a lot of restaurant workers that are catching COVID even though they’re vaccinated,” Miranda said.

Miranda recognized that its inconvenient for many people.

“I know there will be some pushback, but I feel for myself, my staff and my family this is the safest thing.” Miranda said.

Navy Strength in Belltown is one of several businesses that have had vaccinated workers who tested positive for COVID-19, and bar management said they immediately shut down.

They join a growing list of Seattle bars and restaurants now requiring guests to prove that they’ve been vaccinated.

“We started doing this two days ago, and most people have been really accepting of it,” said Stephen Brenden of Liberty Bar. “If they don’t have the card on them or they can’t find a photo, they run home or take a picture or ask a partner to send a photo.”

At the Liberty Bar, signs are clearly posted in their windows.

“I’m hoping more and more bars and restaurants start doing it. We’re around people all day long. We want to be safe, want to keep the neighborhood safe,” Brenden said.

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