The Docket: St. Peter voters to decide how to pay for firehouse

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 5:17 AM CDT
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ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - St. Peter City Council voted Monday night to put an item on the November ballot that will let residents decide how to pay for a new firehouse.

The city has been wanting to build a new firehouse for years, citing in part a lack of space at the current facility.

Now this November, voters will be able to choose whether they want sales tax or property tax to pay for a new one.

“The data’s really clear about the need for a new fire station. So I think they’re excited tonight to hear the new information and to really give it to the hands of the voters to let them decide how they want to have this paid for, whether through property tax or whether through sales tax,” City Administrator Todd Prafke said.

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The city says new data shows that if voters approve, sales tax would cover all of the $9.4 million project.

The City of Mankato and North Star Aviation have entered into a multi-year and term agreement for the lease of grounds space at Mankato Regional Airport.

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North Star Aviation plans to construct an additional hangar next to their existing one for aircraft maintenance and storage.

Mankato City Council updated its Intoxicating Liquor License ordinance Monday to include the option of a Microdistiller/Cocktail Room License.

Under the ordinance, at least 50 percent of the annual production of the miscrodistillery must be processed and distilled on the premises.

Businesses also can’t hold both a distillery cocktail room and taproom license, and a cocktail room and taproom can’t be put together.

Restaurants are allowed at microdistilleries with a cocktail room license.

There is also a Microdistillery Off-Sale License option.

The Microdistillery Cocktail Room license fee is $620 and the Microdistillery Off-Sale license fee is $200.

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