North Mankato woman warns dog owners of deadly infection

Mazy(Mandra Schroeder)
Published: Aug. 27, 2021 at 6:34 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - A North Mankato family is mourning the loss of their dog who died after contracting a dangerous infection.

“Mazy was amazing. She was red hair and slobbery and all of the great things about a dog, loyal and loving. She was our family,” pet owner Mandra Schroeder reminisced.

Earlier this month, Mandra said her dog Mazy lost her appetite and became lethargic.

“She just had this sadness in her eyes. You could tell something was wrong,” Mandra stated.

When the symptoms progressed to swelling and abnormal breathing, Mandra took Mazy to the vet. She was put on several medications, but nothing helped.

“Our vet said they’re out of answers,” Mandra added.

Mandra brought Mazy to the Twin Cities. After searching for a diagnosis for two long weeks, specialists finally found an answer.

Mazy tested positive for Leptospirosis, or Lepto, a life-threatening disease transmitted by urine from infected animals.

Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital Veterinarian Ken Ambrose said, “Anywhere you get water pooling or stagnant water sources, even creeks, can be a source of it.”

Lepto bacteria can be found any place wildlife is present, including backyards. Animals become infected upon contact.

Though she was vaccinated against it, Mazy contracted an uncommon strain resistant to medication. She died three hours after her diagnosis.

Ambrose stated, “There’s many different types of Lepto. We can vaccinate against four of those different serotypes.”

Most Lepto cases are preventable and treatable, however the signs of the disease can make it hard to identify.

“The signs of it are so just bland, you know, it’s not like there’s one clinical sign that sticks out,” Ambrose mentioned.

Monitoring your pet’s behavior and getting them vaccinated are the best ways to stay protected.

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