Janesville vet clinic finds rabies infested bat

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 8:44 PM CDT
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JANESVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) — A warning to area pet owners after a vet clinic in Janesville finds a bat positive for rabies.

Summer’s Ridge Veterinarian Clinic urges animal owners to be cautious with their pets and urges them to get vaccinated for the virus.

They add there’s no cure for rabies once an animal contracts it, and it’s always fatal. A vaccine will last around three years.

Summer’s Edge says there are signs to look for in case an animal is infected with rabies.

”The pets or the animals will start acting a little funny. Usually, they are a little wobbly, unstable, they start developing some neurological signs. Some of them drool, not all of them do, some things can be as simple as lethargy or not feeling well,” explained Tishawnna Carpenter, a veterinarian at Summer’s Ridge Veternarian Clinic. “A lot of times you kind of see them acting funny, things even like raccoons out during the day when they are not normally out.”

The disease can be passed on from a bite and isn’t just a threat to animals. If your pet is showing signs of rabies, you need to quarantine them for 10 days and then take them to your vet.

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