Twin Valley Pole Vault opens indoor facility in New Ulm

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 11:11 PM CST
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NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) — Track and Field is a sport that is unlike any other due to the complexity of it all.

Running events range from 100-meter sprint to 2 miles and high jumping over a bar to throwing a shot put.

One of the most complex events in the sport is the pole vault.

“You create as much energy as you can by running down the runway. Jumping off the ground, all of the energy you created goes into the pole, and then that pole flings you up in the air. The goal is to clear the highest bar you can clear,” Twin Valley Pole Vault owner Jon Hammerschmidt explained.

The off-season was especially hard for pole vaulters with no place to practice their craft.

That was before Twin Valley Pole Vault opened its indoor facility.

“That’s what the great thing about this facility is I can offer year-round coaching, just even a place for kids to jump whether they are in high school or out of high school,” Hammerschmidt said.

Hammerschmidt saw the need to open something southern Minnesota has never seen before.

“Four that I can think of at the top of my head established pole vault clubs. One of them runs just in the summer because they do not have indoor. The other ones have indoor and outdoor space, but they are limited attendance because they do not have as many coaches as they used to,” Hammerschmidt explained.

Which sprouted from his personal love for the sport.

“I had to attend pole vault camps year-round. Every paycheck went right towards that, I had a supportive family who helped out with funding some of them. I found ways to pole vault year-round, but I don’t want someone to work that hard to find opportunities to do what they love to do,” Hammerschmidt continued.

The fact that he is helping kids with not only their pole-vaulting skills, but also getting to experience the sport he loves from another perspective, is enough for him.

“Whether we do a simple drill, or a kid sets their personal best or achieves a goal they have been chasing for years, just a smile on their face is good enough for me,” Hammerschmidt added.

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