David Silye making immediate impact for top-ranked Mavericks

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 9:24 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 24, 2021 at 9:33 PM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — When the Minnesota State men’s hockey team picked up sophomore center David Silye off the transfer portal, they knew we were getting quality talent for the long haul.

Silye is making an immediate impact, posting 2 goals and three assists through 14 games this season.

KEYC’s Mary Rominger sat down with the forward to talk about how the season is going.

Mary Rominger: “David, you transferred from Clarkson University, bring me through what brought you to MSU before you started playing? You kind of fit in right away here with the Mavericks.”

David Silye: “It was definitely kind of a wild summer. I think all of college hockey experienced it just with all the transfers, just with that some guys stayed back at Clarkson and kind of filled up the forefront and I didn’t feel like it was the best fit coming back to my sophomore year, so [I] made the tough call to enter the portal and found a great home here at MSU.”

MR: “Who reached out to you? Who did you talk to that sold you on the Maverick hockey program? I’m sure there wasn’t much to have to sell because it is a top team in the country.”

DS: “Yeah, like you said, it wasn’t much of a sell, but yeah, I entered the portal pretty late, so it was kind of a crazy time. Teams were kind of filling up, and, you know, I talked to Coach [Mike] Hastings, we had a very good conversation over the phone and talked as well. It just seemed like the right fit, you can tell they really care about their players and not only developing on the ice but developing off the ice as well.”

MR: “You really have fit into the lineup kind of immediately since transferring here, what has that process been like in terms of being ready to fit into this Maverick hockey system?”

DS: “Coming into the season it was clear what they expected out of me, and once someone tells you what to do, it’s easy to go out and do it. So, I think the criteria was clear on what I had to do to get in the lineup. I’ve been able to do that so far, which I’ve been fortunate, so I just keep pushing, and definitely grateful for the opportunity I’ve gotten so far and pushing.”

MR: “This is your first year, so you’re just beginning to experience what some of these in-conference rivalries are even out-of-conference, St. Cloud State to start the season and then Bowling Green most recently. What are some of your takeaways from those established rivalries that you’re just now walking into?”

DS: “Hockey in Minnesota is, you can’t even describe it. The feeling, the vibe around it, and the way they support their teams no matter where they are. It’s incredible just to be in the State of Hockey and being fortunate to play in such a great environment, but the rivalries are definitely fun and building a few, hopefully, we kind of built one against St. Thomas, which will be another exciting one to have over the years, but yeah definitely fun playing in those games.”

MR: “Your dad played in the Canadian Football League, is that correct? Did you ever consider playing football instead of hockey?”

DS: “Yeah, it was kind of funny, growing up, my dad never wanted me to play a contact sport, so I only played tennis and badminton, so finally my mom put me in hockey and different sports and football was definitely one of them, but moving to Ontario, it wasn’t much of a football town where I was and when your neighbors are playing hockey, your best friends are playing hockey, you kind of gravitate towards hockey. But I know deep down, my dad definitely wanted to see me in a football jersey, but he’s happy that I’m following my dreams.”

David Silye and the Minnesota State Mavericks will return to the ice Friday and Saturday when they travel to Lake Superior State.

Jim Silye, David’s father, was born in Vöcklabruck, Austria, in 1946 before immigrating to Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, in 1951.

He played in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeders from 1969 to 1975. Jim’s record for most punt returns in a season (123) is still the most by any player in a CFL season.

Jim was also a member of the 1971 Stampeders that won the Grey Cup.

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