Iowa teen trying to get facial surgery to stop bullying

Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 9:15 PM CST
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GLENWOOD, Iowa (KETV) - Bullying has been so bad for an Iowa teen that she is willing to do just about anything to make it stop...including surgery.

Sarah Fili talked to the girl about her struggle and her smile.

At four-years old, Liberty Williams asks her mom, “Do I have a crooked smile?”

Dusty Williams says her daughter’s preschool teacher had brought it up to her. It broke her heart so they tried to find a fix.

“There was nothing we had no diagnosis at all,” says Dusty

So for 15 years, Liberty lived with one side of her mouth different... and bullies have always noticed.

Liberty says, “It was hard because I know I’m different from other people. And that people would see me differently than I do. So I just want to be seen as normal, and have a normal mouth. But it’s hard when people keep saying things.”

This past year the bullying took a big turn. Liberty got an anonymous text message saying, “you have no point in life and nobody wants you here. I don’t know how you get friends with that messed up mouth.”

“I didn’t have a phone number or anything. I didn’t know what to do. I went straight to my mom,” Liberty says

It re-ignited their search for someone who could help. That took them all the way to a surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Dusty Williams/Liberty’s Mother: “They can’t fix anything internally. But on the outside they can make her smile a little more symmetrical and change some of the things about her that she’s a little uncomfortable with.”

A will pay for it all, so will anti bullying t-shirts.

“That’s what’s more important is that they stopped treating her that way to me than fixing who she is. Like that’s who she is,” said Liberty’s mother

In the end, it’s Liberty’s choice.

Liberty says,“I think if I got the surgery, I’d be happier with my smile. But I feel like other people are like winning if I do. So I don’t know.”

One surgeon already tried to straighten Liberty’s smile, but she does not have any nerves or muscles on that side of her face. He was able to fix her eye so it could close all the way.

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