Carbon pipeline says ‘several hundred’ have agreed to voluntary easements, thousands remain

Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 5:51 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Summit Carbon Solution’s pipeline would capture carbon from ethanol plants and essentially bury the carbon underground in North Dakota. The company says the use of eminent domain is a long way off, but many landowners KTIV has spoken to say that’s one of their primary concerns.

Several county commissions, including Woodbury County, have filed formal objections to the Iowa Utilities Board about the possible use of eminent domain for the project. Here’s the response from Summit Carbon Solutions.

“They said that, the commissioners feel that the folks locally would be opposed to the use of eminent domain for the project. Yeah, we’re absolutely aware of that. Our goal, like I said, is to work with people and acquire voluntary easements,” said Jim Pirolli, Chief Commercial Officer.

Summit Carbon Solutions estimates about 4,500 landowners would be impacted by the pipeline. Pirolli says “several hundred” have already signed voluntary easements.

If construction was approved by the Iowa Utilities Board, that could mean thousands of landowners subjected to eminent domain.

“I feel very confident in the job they’re going to do. They understand agriculture at Summit, they know how important our land is to us as farmers,” said Kelly Nieuwenhuis, an O’Brien County farmer.

Supporters, like those at Siouxland Energy Cooperative, say it will increase the price of ethanol because the product will be more environmentally sustainable.

Detractors say the private project could use eminent domain, and environmentalists worry about a potential leak in the pipe.

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