Excessive heat continues, seasonal temperatures to return next week

Extreme heat, humidity continue today before seasonal temperatures return to the area later this week
Excessive heat continues, seasonal temperatures to return next week
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 7:18 AM CDT
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Excessive heat with an excessive heat warning in effect continues today before temperatures drop, returning to seasonal by this coming weekend.

As sunshine continues to beat down on the area today, temperatures are likely to rise into the upper 90s by this afternoon. Dew point temperatures are also expected to hover in the low 70s throughout the afternoon hours. The higher the dew point temperatures are, the more humid it is outside (or the more “sticky” it feels outside). Due to the expected high and heightened dew points in the area today, an excessive heat warning will be in effect along with a heat advisory until 1 am Tuesday morning as the heat index is likely to reach up to 105 in portions of the area.

It is highly recommended to limit your time outside today due to the extreme heat, humidity, and sunshine we are expecting. It’s best to take breaks from not just the heat, but the sun as well by cooling off inside an air-conditioned building. It is also vital to stay hydrated today by drinking plenty of water and/or Gatorade/Powerade. You will want to avoid drinks such as pop, juices, or high-sugary drinks, as well as, alcohol as these kinds of drinks drastically dehydrate your body. In conditions like we are expecting today, it is harder for our bodies to cool off by sweating due to the humidity.

It is also important to keep our kids and pets in mind in these conditions. If you plan to be outside at a pool or beach, you’ll want to make sure you have a cooled building nearby to take breaks from the heat in, or even shaded areas. Though, you’ll still want to take breaks in a cooled building at some point if all you have is a shaded area, if there is no nearby cooled building, you’ll want to decrease the time you and your family spend at the pool or beach in general.

Not only are we dealing with rising air temperatures and high humidity, but with temperatures in the upper 90s, we will see ground surfaces heat up along with the inside of vehicles. When temperatures reach 90 degrees, it only takes 10 minutes for the inside of a closed vehicle to reach over 100 degrees. Ground temperatures will also reach well into the 100′s if they are in direct sunlight, or the lower 100s if they are in shaded areas. As temperatures rise into the 90s, asphalt temperatures can reach up to 140+ degrees in direct sunlight, concrete can reach up to 125+ degrees in direct sunlight, grass can reach up to 105+ degrees in direct sunlight, and shaded grass will basically match what the air temperature outside is. With ground temperatures this high, it can take only 5 minutes for your pet’s paws or child’s feet to burn at 125-degree ground temperatures and only 1 minute for them to burn at 140-degree ground temperatures.

Some things to help you stay cool and safe from heat-related illnesses include wearing light-weight/loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, taking breaks from the direct sunlight, taking breaks from the heat in cooled buildings or a car with the air running, staying hydrated, and limiting your time in the heat in general.

Tonight will continue to stay on the warm side as temperatures are likely to hover in the mid to upper 70s by tomorrow morning. Along with a warm night, partly cloudy skies are expected with some pop-up, isolated thunderstorms possible overnight.

Tomorrow will start off with partly cloudy skies before becoming mostly sunny as temperatures rise into the upper 80s and low 90s. Winds tomorrow will remain breezy up to 20 mph. Tomorrow night will continue to teeter between mostly clear and partly cloudy with quiet conditions and mild temperatures as they drop into the mid-60s by Wednesday morning.

As we continue to make our way into the rest of the week and upcoming weekend, we will see temperatures gradually return to near normal, or seasonal, as they hover in the 80s. We will continue to see skies teeter between mostly sunny and partly cloudy heading into this coming weekend before our next round of showers and thunderstorms in the area.

Showers and thunderstorms are looking to make a return by Thursday evening and night. They will continue into the overnight hours, becoming more scattered to isolated throughout Friday. Despite the scattered to isolated shower/thunderstorm chance on Friday, we will still see pockets of sunshine as skies will remain partly cloudy.

We are looking at more scattered showers and thunderstorms possible on Saturday as cloudy skies take over the area. Temperatures this weekend will range from the mid to the upper 80s.

Heading into next week, we will continue to see temperatures hover in the low to mid-80s with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies continuing and another chance for some showers and thunderstorms Tuesday morning and early afternoon.

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