Iowa’s three public universities could see their tuition increase

Iowa's public universities could see tuition increase for the upcoming school year
Iowa's public universities could see tuition increase for the upcoming school year(KCRG)
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 4:46 PM CDT
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URBANDALE, Iowa (KCRG) - Monday, the Iowa Board of Regents met to consider higher tuition at the three public universities for the upcoming school year.

This would impact students at the University of Iowa, Iowa State, and the University of Northern Iowa.

The tuition at each of the three regents universities would rise 4.25% in the upcoming 2022-23 school year if approved by the board.

Students from all three schools met the with the Board of Regents at the meeting Monday to advocate for their fellow students.

”Since the turn of the century, tuition has grown by roughly 200 percent. While support from the state has pretty much stagnated. State budgeting prerogatives have made the acquisition of additional funds an uphill battle that is harder to win with each passing year,” said Jacob Ludwig, Iowa State Student Government President.

And the increase in tuition wouldn’t just apply to undergraduates, but grad students as well.

”We are having departments shut down. We’re having students not be able to get funding in the summer. We’re having students who are actually homeless in the summer. And they’re trying to raise extra money at this point to pay their tuition if they’re masters students. And it’s extremely difficult for them,” said Rachel Sorensen, Iowa State Graduate and Professional Student Senate Vice President.

While students said they recognized decisions like these from the board aren’t made lightly, they still wanted to voice their concerns.

”Throughout recent years, we’ve seen economic burdens of higher education shift away from state legislature and on to the backs of young adults fresh out of high school. Each year we ask more and more of our students. Whether this be in tuition, fees and housing costs. All while financial assistance available during their time in college decreases,” said Patrick Johnson, University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government President.

Final action on the proposed rates will take place in the Board’s July meeting.

”Aspiring medical professions, engineers, accountants, managers, teachers, lawyers, politicians, and more are severely hindered from accomplishing their dreams because of the hefty price one must pay just to attend college. Let alone afford transportation, housing, books, food, etcetera,” said Leila Masinovic, University of Northern Iowa Student Government President.

Officials with the University of Iowa say financial aid offers get sent out in February. Because tuition usually isn’t finalized by that date, they let students know it’s an estimated award.

”We will go in and rebuild the cost of attendance and as that cost goes up, for the student who did file for financial aid it many now mean that they are either eligible for need based financial aid when they weren’t in the past, or they’re eligible for more,” said Cindy Seyfer, Assistant Provost and Director of Student Financial Aid for the University of Iowa.

Seyfer said any students with questions or concerns can visit the financial aid office.

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