‘Overlooked’ victim in Le Mars explosion launches fundraiser

Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 6:20 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Another victim in the Le Mars explosion is coming forward after his home also was destroyed.

Steve Waggoner owned the neighboring home to the explosion, and he suffered a severe concussion and a cut to his feet. His friend, Laura Jones, has organized a verified online fundraiser in his honor.

Jones says Waggoner was thrown from his bed by the explosion, and he crashed into a nearby dresser. When he went to leave his home, he cut his feet on broken glass and other debris. Jones believes Waggoner was an “overlooked” victim not included in the initial report of those who suffered injuries.

“And then another one hit. Because I mean, there were multiple explosions. And he was thrown again. He finally was able to get on his feet and try to go outside. I mean, at that point, a fireball had gone through his house and pushed his side of the house into the wall of his bedroom,” said Jones.

Jones says Waggoner was already going through a tough time before the explosion. He had just lost his job, and now, his house.

The Le Mars Fire Department is still investigating the case, though preliminary reports indicate the explosion was caused by a gas leak to a home next door.

“But it was also scary. I mean, we didn’t know if anybody survived. We didn’t know. You know, at the time, everybody said everybody was still alive. But it was scary,” said Jones.

Another verified fundraiser is online for the Dimmick family. They rented the house that exploded and the couple was out front at the time of the explosion.

That home is right next door to Waggoner’s.

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