MN Elections: Inside Tuesday’s Primary and Special Elections

Molly Martinez of our Washington DC Bureau has been in southern Minnesota as the special election approaches and joined Sean Morawczynski on KEYC News Now
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 12:48 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - We’ve heard about the voting process - now lets dive into the candidates themselves.

Our Washington D.C. correspondent Molly Martinez has been on the campaign trail all week for both Republican Brad Finstad, and democrat Jeff Ettinger’s team.

Brad Finstad’s strategy this week has been reconnecting with his roots. He’s a farmer by trade, and has been making agricultural campaign stops in this final push.

He’s angling to show constituents he’d be the best choice to champion ag issues if he goes to Washington. He’s also pushing economic solutions. Inflation is effecting everyone’s bottom line right now, and he’s running on a platform to reduce fuel costs, and clear up log-jammed supply chains - though he hasn’t gone into specifics of what his plan would be.

The Ettinger campaign has been fighting an uphill battle, both because they’re trailing slightly in the polls, and because Jeff Ettinger himself came down with COVID.

That means his team has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting, knocking on doors, and spreading far and wide throughout the district.

Ettinger is leaning heavily on his time as the CEO of Hormel - his supporters say he knows all about food distribution, food pricing, and how to work on the local level to solve economic and food insecurity.

He’s also running as the women’s rights and women’s healthcare candidate, after this summer’s falling of Roe. V Wade.

Tuesday’s election is both a primary, and a general election with the first congressional district being one of the most unique elections in the country today.

Voters are deciding which candidate will fill the remaining 5 months of Jim Hagedorn’s term in Washington. During those 5 months, which ever candidate wins will have to win again in November to serve the full congressional 2-year term. That means, in some strange world, a candidate could win today, but then lose in November. It also means, Tuesday is just a mile-marker on the road to November.

Likely, whichever candidate loses will double down their efforts, and spending to secure the seat on November 8th. It also means that whoever wins today serves as a bellwether of who the state wants permanently in Washington.

Just to make things even more complicated, Ettinger and Finstad aren’t the only ones on the ballot. Haroun McClellan of the Legalize Cannabis Party, and Richard Reisdorf of the Legal Marijuana Now Party.

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