Northwest Iowa woman missing after entering Orlando Airport found safe

Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 4:30 PM CDT
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(KTIV) - A Milford, Iowa woman has been found, after she disappeared 14 days ago, after a flight from Orlando, Florida, to Louisville, Kentucky.

KTIV’s full update can be found here.


(KTIV) - Police say Mariam “Star” Lint, of Milford, Iowa, has been missing for 13 days, after she entered the Orlando International Airport headed to Louisville, Kentucky.

Her brother says she was last seen at the airport with a valid ticket to Louisville. But police in Kentucky say she never got off the plane.

Let’s go over that one more time since it is somewhat confusing: Orlando Police say Lint had a ticket to Louisville, and that someone was in her seat on the plane. But Louisville police say she never appeared after the aircraft landed in Kentucky.

A missing person report was filed by the Louisville Airport Police. The report says police reviewed six hours of footage from when the aircraft landed on Aug. 5. But while Lint’s seat was filled, she never disembarked the plane. That fact pattern has left Lint’s family frustrated.

“We verified her ticket was, in fact, validated and that her seat was filled on the plane. They did not. And we’re not able to confirm that it was actually her that walked through the door and sat in the seat. But they were able to confirm that she had someone in it,” said Michael Lint, Star Lint’s brother.

Adding to the family’s frustration is the lack of cooperation from the Orlando and Louisville Airport Police Departments. The Orlando Police say it’s not their job to investigate because she was headed to Kentucky. But Louisville Police say Orlando should handle the case because it’s the place she was last seen. The family says valuable time has been wasted, while the departments refuse to claim responsibility.

“It took me two days to get anyone to actually take the report. There was arguing between. Orlando said, ‘nope, not our problem she got on the plane. It’s a final destination.’ Louisville said ‘never got off the plane. It’s still Orlando’s problem,’” said Michael Lint.

The Louisville Airport Police did file a missing persons report into a database that is available nationwide, but it doesn’t look like they’ve taken any other investigative action. And for the last 13 days, there’s been no sign of Lint in-person, online or on social media.

An Orlando Police Department spokesperson called KTIV and confirmed Lint’s ticket was valid and that the seat was occupied, but the spokesperson didn’t confirm Lint was actually on the plane. Instead, the spokesperson said the responding officer checked a log maintained by Spirit Airlines, the air carrier Lint was to take from Orlando to Louisville.

The Orlando department still maintains it’s the responsibility of law enforcement in Kentucky to investigate, and it has no written reports on the incident. While Louisville Airport Police maintain she never left the plane.

Family are asking two main things: Share this story and contact the Louisville Airport Police, specifically Officer Michael Sims by calling (502) 380-8257. You can also contact Michael Lint by phone or text at 386-233-2106 with any information.

Marian Lint is described as a 25-year-old caucasian woman, that’s about 5′ 1″ and between 140 and 150 pounds.