Paralyzed kitten looking for a forever home

Paralyzed kitten looking for a forever home
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 4:18 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Nine-week-old Sweet Pea was slated to be put down at a shelter in the Twin Cities.

The kitten was left paralyzed after a dog attacked his litter.

A few weeks ago, Mending Spirits Animal Rescue chose to take him in.

That’s when Tracy Zins volunteered to foster him.

“He was the only one that survived. He came out with a spinal cord injury, so he has no use of his back legs,” Zins said. “He’s got a sad story, but I knew it wasn’t over yet. He’s feisty and sweet, and I know there’s a perfect family for him out there somewhere.”

Sweet Pea’s disability doesn’t slow him down.

He gets around by sliding his hind legs, or by using his wheelchair-- that Zins made herself.

“I wanted to make something for him. I went on YouTube and I found this one video where he made a wheelchair with PVC pipe,” Zins explained. “I messaged him. He got right back to me the next day with details.”

The wheelchair has allowed Sweet Pea to get back some of the mobility he lost, but veterinarians say he may not need it down the line.

“They think he’s young enough where he might regain some movement, so we do exercises everyday and stretch,” Zins mentioned.

The search for Sweet Pea’s forever home has begun.

Zins hopes his owner will give him extra patience and care.

“He’s got the will, and I think he’ll live a full and happy life despite his disability,” Zins said.

Sweet Pea got a new chance at life, but Zins says he’s given a new perspective on hers.

“He’s given so much to me and my kids-- just teaching us how being differently-abled doesn’t have to bring you down,” Zins stated. “It can be unique and special that you can contribute something that other people can’t.”

Those interested in fostering or adopting from Mending Spirits can find more details on