MNSU’s gold folder program goes online

Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 7:04 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - As students prepare for a year of classes, new students are preparing to be away from home for maybe the first time in their lives and faculty are preparing for the new year. This year, MSU is offering a new streamlined way to help students.

“It is super important for us to be meeting students where they are right now,” Vice President of student affairs and enrollment at MNSU David Jones said. “As well as providing 27/7 access to tools that our employees, our faculty and staff need to support those students.”

The Gold Folder Program was in place before but is now at students’ fingertips: online and on their phone.

“We have partnered with the folks on campus and taken the president’s vision we were able to use the best of the folks, we took what we had and turned it into something that was needed,” vice president and CIO at MNSU Mark Johnson said.

JD: “Let’s say for instance I am a student who maybe has a mental health concern, and I go into here, the student mental health. This takes me into”

“It takes you to the counseling center, it tells you the number, where it is physically located which is in the building right next to where we are and it explains what these services are and how to do it and it also warns you if there is an imminent threat to call 9-1-1,” Johnson said.

The program is already off to a hot start. Launched earlier this week, MSU says it’s seen hundreds of visits. So far, a good test run before the school year.