Cleveland’s Tracie Yule receives Golden Apple Award

This week's Golden Apple Award recipient is Tracie Yule. A teacher at Cleveland Public School.
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 4:48 PM CDT
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CLEVELAND, Minn. (KEYC) - This week’s Golden Apple recipient is an English teacher from Cleveland Public School.

Students and colleague want to honor Tracie Yule for being an outstanding teacher and school leader.

”I can actually learn from my students as well. It’s not just one way. It’s reciprocal. We are a community here. I’m not just the only person in this room. Every single person in my classroom matters,” said Yule, an English teacher at Cleveland Public School. “Because they matter and I matter, we’re a community when we come into this classroom.”

This week’s Golden Apple Award recipient is Tracie Yule. A teacher at Cleveland Public School.

Yule was nominated by one of her students, Katie.

She says Yule is always going above and beyond when it comes to her students.

“Something I really admire about Mrs. Yule is not only does she try to make us excel in the classroom, but she wants us to be better people, too,” explained Katie Cink, a student at Cleveland Public School.

Tracie Yule is an English teacher. She also uses her lessons to help her students get ready for life outside of the classroom. Helping her seniors with writing college essays, and giving them the tools to help them in real-world experiences.

“All of her lessons have a reason behind it,” Yule added. “So students aren’t questioning, why are we doing this? Are we just checking a box? They know it has purpose, it has meaning, and it’s going to help them in English, and it’s going to help them in the real world, too.”

Yule has been teaching for seven years.

“Just like her students lean on her, we lean on her too,” added Megan Peterson, counselor at Cleveland Public School. “And we know that she’s such a good leader and advocate for her students, but also us, as her colleagues,”

She says the best part of her job is seeing her students grow.

“Making personal connections with the kids, I see them as human beings, not just teenagers whose minds I have to fill,” explained Yule. “But they’re people who come in with their own personality, their own learning style, and it’s up to me to meet it.”

All that, and more, is what makes Tracie Yule, a Golden Apple Award recipient.