Prep Athlete: Inside Romsdahl’s competitive drive for St. James Area

Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 3:19 PM CDT
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ST. JAMES, Minn. (KEYC) - It’s another season of competing amongst the best in Class A for the St. James Area girls’ tennis program. Continuing to climb up the ranks for the Saints is the star at No. 1 singles, Eva Romsdahl.

In her final high school tennis season, St. James Area captain Romsdahl amassed a 24-10 record at No. 1 singles, up against some of southern Minnesota’s top talent.

“She has played some of the best players that we see in our area in a very good way, the Blue Earth players or the Le Sueur players or you take a look at the St. Peter players. You always get the same reflection of great effort and the effort is demonstrated by her in a non-verbal way,” head coach of St. James Area tennis Les Zellmann said.

Before Romsdahl was called upon to lead the Saints at No. 1 singles, she paid her dues, working tirelessly to improve her game and even finding new ways to become a more fluent competitor.

“She has become a profound competitor and actually I will transcend into last year she actually went out for girls wrestling and part of that was probably is due to the fact her dad was a very strong wrestler and enjoys continuing to be in the program, but because she went out for wrestling I think grew her confidence,” added Zellmann.

“It really humbled me, but helped build my confidence at the same time, so I think that really helped with my leadership skills,” said Romsdahl.

En route to St. James Area’s trip to the Class A state tournament, Romsdahl kept a positive attitude through the ups and downs of the season and most importantly, led by example.

“She thinks out there like none other, when you go and talk to her in between she’s a player that you ask her how’s it going and she has answers for you,” said St. James Area tennis coach Brian Bluedorn.

The senior captain approaches the game with precision and focus. It’s not often you’ll find her taking risks, but when she does, beware.

“I really like a drop shot, I don’t do it a ton, but when I do it works. Over the summer I developed a pretty good forehand, so now I can move the ball. I love a forehand stinger down the line, that’s my favorite shot right now,” said Romsdahl.

Earlier this week, Romsdahl suffered defeat against the top-ranked singles tennis player at the state tournament, but went onto lead the Saints to a win in the consolation bracket.

Romsdahl’s leadership and competitive drive is why the homegrown talent is our Prep Athlete of the Week.