Specialty Soya and Grains Alliances brings Mankato-based brand to Vietnam

They’re relying on a container ship line that goes from the port of Seattle direct to Haiphong Harbor in Vietnam,
.(KEYC News Now)
Updated: Nov. 1, 2022 at 6:45 PM CDT
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According to the Minnesota department of Agriculture, Soybeans have an export value of 1.8 billion for the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota soybeans go to China, Mexico, Indonesia, and Japan.

But Monday night, the eleven month old brand named “the U.S. Identity Preserve” launched by Mankato’s own Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance, released the baby brand internationally-- in Vietnam during a press conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Although this isn’t the first American Soybean in Vietnam, according to Eric Wenberg, the executive director of SSGA, it is the best.

“Soybeans come to Vietnam for a variety of purposes they’re processed into animal feed, poultry feed, pork feed and oil that’s used to make food here. This isn’t that system; the system we’re working on is the one that directly connects the food manufacturer all the way to the farmer back in Minnesota. so it’s a premium market.”

They’re relying on a container ship line that goes from the port of Seattle direct Haiphong Harbor in Vietnam, as a direct link between the two countries, ensuring the best quality Soybean possible.

“They get to produce a highly sought-after food product like tofu, soy milk, or distilled or brewed goods and they get to know through the U.S. Identity Preserved system. We have that-- those goods that they give to their consumers are traceable all the way back to the farm in the United States.” Wenberg said.

For the Mankato-based company, this is the perfect time to enter Vietnam--

“I think because they’re at that point where they’re not going to just feed themselves, they’re gonna feed themselves well, and that’s what we try to do for the state of Minnesota is to market within that that new opportunity.” Wenberg added.