Mankato MakerSpace gives outlet and market to local artists

The Mankato MakerSpace held its quarterly MakersMarket Sunday, inviting the public to holiday shop as well as explore the art community in their own backyard.
Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 10:05 AM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Four times a year, the Mankato Makerspace invites members of the public to explore their space and meet members of Mankato’s art community.

The MakersMarket gives artists the opportunity to show off their work and give live demonstrations of their work, encouraging others to take their own talents into the studio.

“People will come in and they’re always curious about what this space is and what we do around here, an open community available for all of Mankato to come in and participate, whether they’re learning about classes, whether they’re coming in to work on their own art forms,” said local artist Dustin Swiers. “They’re definitely here today for market to make purchases for holiday gifts,”

Swiers is a glassmaker at the MakerSpace, and he spent the day giving glass demonstrations to all that would listen.

He said that the variety of art forms and artists in the space is what makes Mankato’s art community special.

“The MakerSpace provides not only a studio space but like an interdisciplinary studio space,” explained Swiers. “I’m not only glassblowing, but I could be metalworking or working in ceramics -- there’s a full wood shop.”

Organizers said that the MakerSpace is continuing to grow, both in artists joining the studio and in support from the public.

“Actually the crowds are growing, and we’re seeing a lot more people and people start to remember that this is today, and it’s not all about the Vikings game,” said the MakerSpace’s Cindy Bourne. “And we just have a blast, we bring people in and they talk and they see each other and they see the artists, and it’s a wide variety of things to explore.”

The next MakersMarket is Dec. 11.