Buff City Soap opens in Mankato

A specialty soap store opened in Mankato this weekend.
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 3:29 PM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -A new addition to Mankato Heights Plaza, Buff City Soap finished its opening weekend Sunday.

A specialty soap store, it features custom handmade soaps, and owners say that the unique experience has led to an overall successful launch for a store that may sometimes seem like a small niche.

“I think when you see it online and you hear about it you don’t really know,” said owner Chris Meyers. “You’re thinking ‘how do they open that big of a store with just soap? It’s a lot more than just soap. It’s laundry soap, it’s bars of soap, it’s fizzies it’s bath bombs, it’s a lot of bath products.”

The soaps are made live within the store, and Buff City Soap’s opening weekend also gave kids the opportunity to design their own free bath bombs.

Buff City Soap said that the process that goes into making their products is what sets them apart.

“The quality of the product, a handmade product is huge in our world, noted Meyers. “I mean the ingredients in our products is what people really care about, so I think everyone will love it.”

The store also said that their number one priority with new customers is to simply have them try what’s in the store.

“I think you really just need to come try the product,” said Meyers. “That’s why we pass out so many samples. Even when you come in we give free laundry, we let you try free bath bombs, free scent boosters. Even if you want to come in, just dip your toe in, grab a bar of sop, see if you like it then move from there.”