2nd-year standout Power a key part in GAC’s success

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Updated: Nov. 25, 2022 at 4:00 PM CST
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ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - In her first season on the ice for the No. 2 Gustavus women’s hockey team (8-0), forward Brooke Power played an integral part in the Golden Gusties’ national runner-up finish. This season, Power is stepping into a bigger leadership role while trying to get back to the national stage.

Mary Rominger: Brooke, everyone knows how last year finished for the Gustavus women’s hockey team, national champion runners up, the best finish in program history, but it was still a disappointing loss. How does last year’s finish fuel you guys?

Brooke Power: So this year, to get back in the same position and win it this time, it just gives us motivation to get back there. We had a little taste of it and the fact that we came so close just makes it even more of us want to get back there and actually win it this time and then bring it home for the rest of us here.

MR: It was your first year on the ice when you were on the biggest stage you could possibly be in at the Division III level, competing for a national championship. Now, going into year two, how are you feeling confidence wise already?

BP: Offensively, you know, confidence comes with time, even as each year starts. I’m very happy with how last year went, and right now I’m just going to try and carry over that momentum individually and as a team and to be a leader for all of us and to start off this year good and to keep it rolling when you look at the returning pieces from last year.

MR: The majority of the leading scorers from last year’s team, 18 personnel to be exact, are back. What makes you guys so powerful and dominant of teams and games at times is that the chemistry in the locker room, how does that all come to fruition on the ice, from your perspective?

BP: Yeah, the chemistry is huge for our team. We are all very close. We spend a lot of time with each other off the ice as well, so that’s huge in creating relationships with each other and just in order to have that experience under our belt from last year and being a dominating team last year will definitely carry over to this year.

MR: Against Hamline last year, you hit the gritty on the ice. What inspired you to do that for a goal celebration?

BP: It kind of came from Justin Jefferson, who was very well known for his gritty, and it became very popular last year over TikTok and the song Right Foot Creep, we like to play in the locker room, which is the song to it. And, so I remember that game, my teammates told me, Brooke, if you score, you got to hit the gritty. I was like, okay, fine. You guys don’t think I’ll do it? Is that a challenge? I’m going to do it. So after I scored, it was the perfect opportunity to come straight across the ice to the bench and everyone went crazy after I did it.