Slow start for Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

Mankato Salvation Army and its volunteers are ringing bells next to their red kettles. However, collections are down, and opportunities for volunteers are up.
Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 4:11 PM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - For two weeks now, Mankato Salvation Army and its volunteers have been ringing bells next to their signature red kettles.

Right now, collections are down, and opportunities for volunteers are up.

”We still haven’t had full coverage yet,” said Capt. Andy Wheeler of the Mankato Salvation Army. “So. we saw plenty of slots open for volunteers and then there’s so many other ways to get involved.”

The nonprofit says the campaign is at 15% of its $525,000 goal. That puts them $55,000 behind fundraising totals at this time last year.

“There’s all sorts of ways people can walk and check in and we just understand the need is so great,” said Capt. Wheeler. “And I think that’s part of why we’re so far down right now in the efforts. Inflation is high. Incomes are low, you know. We understand that, but this is what we ask people just to dig deep and and really do what they can to help those who can’t.”

Capt. Wheeler adds that nearly 80% of the organization’s funding is raised through the Red Kettle Campaign which supports all of its programs.

“The Salvation Army is about so much more than just making noise with this bell, you know,” explained Capt. Wheeler. “They’re thinking about the 15,000 or 14,000 meals we served last year for the countless hours of sheltering we provided. That’s what volunteers are thinking about when they come and support the Salvation Army.”

For many volunteers, this campaign has become a tradition.

Just this year, Bev Larson has volunteered for 28 hours.

“I’ve been doing this for the last six and a half years.” said Larson.

For those interested, there are 22 days left to donate and volunteer for the Red Kettle Campaign

“We need more heroes to help us be here to help like we’ve been,” said Larson.

The Salvation Army says it also accepts donations digitally and in-person at 700 South Riverfront Drive.