Community Investment Plan continues work on Riverfront Drive

Final changes to riverfront drive are still far in the future.
.(KEYC News Now)
Updated: Dec. 6, 2022 at 6:59 PM CST
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A few months ago, the city opened up Riverfront Drive for more pedestrian access, asking the public for their input on its future.

Susan Arntz, Mankato’s City Manager said “Once we’ve collected that data, we’ll assemble it share it with the public and then start working with the community on design for that roadway with potential improvement in 2024.”

They say they have received both positive and constructive feedback for the increased multi-modal traffic and reduced lanes on riverfront, and expect the lanes to reopen and idea phase to end in may.

The redesign of riverfront is budgeted for 2024, but the plan is not strict on the construction’s beginning.

Arntz said “So if something comes up in 2023 that makes us want to rethink that project or if inflation continues to happen on many other projects, we may have to look at all of our projects and evaluate cash flow. and how do we handle, you know the different projects?”

Final changes to Riverfront Drive are still far in the future.