Warm-ish Weather brings droves of people to the slopes

“They’ve been cooped up with all this blizzard and stuff now they’re able to come on a nice sunny day”
.(KEYC News Now)
Updated: Dec. 26, 2022 at 6:58 PM CST
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The winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings, and windchill warnings have ended, giving us a moment of reprieve. Under much well-deserved sun, and in a post-blizzard haze, skiiers and snowboarders hit the slopes--

John Nelson the General Manager at Mount Kato said “It’s like the perfect recipe for a really busy time, when they see the forecast is gonna be nice and we’ve gotten some fresh snow everyone pretty much plans on coming at those times.”

A family from Florida even enjoyed our “warmer” weather.

Stephen Kuebler said “It’s always fun to come up and see grammy and Mankato and see all the other relatives and we’re having a good laugh because everyone back home in Orlando is complaining about the bitter cold and it’s in the 40s whereas down here we have ones and twos and below zero. So that’s real cold.

and still, the temperatures are supposed to rise in the coming days.