Mixed precip today, sunshine returns Friday

Rain, snow, and freezing rain mixed together will be possible today with snow tonight ahead of sunshine for Friday.
Mixed precip today, sunshine returns Friday
Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 6:34 AM CST
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We will see mixed precipitation through the day today from rain, snow, and freezing rain before snow moves in tonight and sunshine returning tomorrow.

Today will be rather cloudy with a mix of rain, freezing rain and snow possible. We are looking at mixed precipitation due to temperatures hovering in the low to mid-30s through the early afternoon hours. We will reach our high around 12 and 1 pm this afternoon, from there temperatures will steadily hover in the low-30s through the mid-afternoon hours before dropping into the 20s by the evening hours. The mixed precipitation will likely transition into snow by this evening as temperatures drop below freezing. Snow will not last long or leave behind a lot of accumulation. We are only looking at a dusting with some areas looking up to an inch possible. Temperatures will drop to a low around 12 by tomorrow morning.

Friday will be quieter with sunshine across the area. Temperatures will be slightly chillier with highs hovering in the mid-20s with light winds up to 10 mph mixed in. Temperatures will gradually drop to a low of 20 during the late evening hours. Temperatures are actually projected to slowly rise through the overnight hours into the upper-20s and low-30s as skies gradually become mostly cloudy by Saturday morning.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with pockets of sunshine mixed in throughout the day. Temperatures will hover in the mid-30s through the afternoon hours with a light breeze between 10 and 15 mph. Saturday night will remain mostly cloudy and chilly as temperatures dip into the low-20s by Sunday morning.

New Year’s Day (Sunday) will remain on the cloudy side with temperatures hovering in the upper-20s through the afternoon hours. Winds will be light up to 10 mph. Temperatures will dip into the low to mid-20s by Monday morning with a slight chance for some overnight snow.

Monday will continue with cloudy skies ahead of another round of mixed precipitation. Most of the mixed precipitation will hold off until the late morning and early afternoon hours on Monday. Temperatures will hover in the mid-30s throughout the day and into the overnight hours as the on and off wintery mix continues into Tuesday.

Temperatures are projected to drop steadily throughout the day on Tuesday. This means we are expecting our high for the day in the morning hours which will be in the mid-30s. As temperatures drop, the wintery mix lingering in the area from Monday will slowly transition into snow throughout Tuesday. Winds are also projected to increase up to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph at times. As of right now, we are not looking at blizzard like conditions, though some reduced visibility and blowing snow in general will be expected throughout the day. Snow will wrap up Tuesday night as temperatures dip into the upper-teens by Wednesday morning.

The remainder of next week is looking to be relatively dry until the weekend rolls back around. Temperatures will slowly drop into the low to mid-20s by Wednesday and remain in the low to mid-20s going into the weekend. Saturday of next week we are looking at a round of snow showers possible in the area with temperatures hovering in the mid to upper-20s and a breeze mixed in.