MRCI CEO Brian Benshoof announced he will be retiring after 40 years

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Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 6:32 PM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Brian Benshoof , who has been leading the MRCI organization for about over a decade, has announced he’ll be retiring.

”I think my favorite memories are here in the success stories of the people we serve,” said Benshoof, “You know people achieving things, getting jobs, having, you know, a really great life and that’s the most fun thing for me to hear.”

Benshoof has been leading MRCI for over a decade with one goal in mind: creating more opportunities for people with disabilities. The organization says Benshoof led them through many industry changes.

“Community-based employment is something that his foresight has really been helpful for MRCI and set it up to succeed going forward, said Duane Olenius, board chair of MRCI, “His kind natured way that he interacts with the employees of the board, and and then his ability to look forward and be able to make changes in the industry puts MRCI in the best place.”

One of the biggest challenges for the organization: continuing their work through a pandemic which drove them to create the “New MRCI” in 2021, which added virtual options.

“Rebuilding the organization into something new that’s even better than it was before so, you know, lots and lots of really great memories over 40 years,” said Benshoof.

The organization’s Board is conducting the search for their next CEO.

Benshoof’s advice to his successor: “Keep looking for new ways to do things. Keep looking for excellence. Take care of the people who work here and find, you know, great opportunities for the people we serve.”