GRAPHIC: 11-year-old boy undergoes several surgeries after dogs attack him

11 year-old Justin’s injuries were so severe that he needed two surgeries after being attacked by three dogs. (WRDW)
Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 11:59 AM CST
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GRAPHIC WARNING: This story includes details that some may find disturbing.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT/Gray News) – An 11-year-old who was attacked by three pit bulls Friday needed two surgeries because of his injuries, WRDW reported.

Ericka Gilstrap said her son, Justin Gilstrap, was riding his bike when one of the dogs started barking at him and then grabbed his leg.

She said a second pit bull then grabbed him on his bottom, causing him to fall off his bike. A third dog came up and dragged the 11-year-old into a ditch.

The family said Justin was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, where his scalp had to be removed down to his neck and his leg has two large wounds that could not be closed.

While his left ear was able to be repaired, it now has an infection.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said three dogs were involved in the attack, and at least seven were taken from the owner’s home.

Authorities said deputies have responded to at least five incidents involving dogs in this area since 2014.

In a report from 2018, a neighbor called about two pit bulls on his property saying the canines weren’t being aggressive at the time but had bitten kids in the neighborhood before.

Police reports show the sheriff’s office never responded directly to the owner of the dogs in this case, but animal services took over every incident.

Since the attack, Justin has been through two surgeries with more to come. Gilstrap said her son is sedated and resting. He has surgery scheduled for Tuesday and Friday.

“He didn’t ask for this. He was just being a little boy playing outside like all the boys do. He should be at home right now riding his bike, you know, not sedated in a hospital bed. Just kills me, absolutely kills me. My poor baby,” she said.