Gov. Walz delivers State of the State address

Governor Walz delivers the annual State of the State address to state lawmakers Wednesday evening.
Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 10:06 AM CDT
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ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) - Governor Walz delivers the annual State of the State address to state lawmakers Wednesday evening.

The governor touted his accomplishments and laid out what he’d like to see in his second term.

As Governor Tim Walz entered the House Chambers Wednesday night for his state of the state address, he was met with thunderous applause.

As Walz began his remarks, it was clear that one side of the aisle gave their unanimous support to certain issues while the other was silent.

“The forces of hatred and bigotry are on the march and states across this country and around the world. But let me say this now, be very clear about this, that Mark stops at Minnesota,” said Gov. Walz.

A legislature that Wednesday night appeared as divided as ever.

“The State of the State address and which was one of the most unique ones that I’ve seen. It was like being at a Democrat pep rally,” said senate minority leader Mark Johnson.

GOP leaders gathered in the Capitol basement immediately after the governor’s remarks, calling out Walz for an apparent lack of bipartisanship.

“What we saw was a national campaign speech out there, ignoring the needs of Minnesotans across the state,”

But what the republicans saw as divisive, the DFL saw as determined.

“What this governor said tonight in his speech and what he has shown in his actions is when you come to Minnesota for the good life, it will be here,” said house speaker Melissa Hortman.

Walz was adamant his course of action is the right path for the North Star state.

“We have the shared vision. And for the first time in half a century, we have the political will to get this done.”

This speech is a fantastic illustration of where Minnesota is at. On one side you have a proud, vocal majority DFL party, excited to be passing progress legislation after years of gridlock, and on the other a minority Republican Party, disappointed and quite frankly fighting to make their voices heard.