MN Lawmakers comment on remaining work as session draws to a close

For the DFL and Governor Tim Walz, the 2023 legislative session has been one for the ages
Published: May. 18, 2023 at 6:32 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – For the DFL and Governor Tim Walz, the 2023 legislative session has been one for the ages

“I think when the dust settles on this that there’s little doubt that this is probably the most productive session in Minnesota history.”

But a session that’s had DFLers feeling proud

“We have continued to show throughout this session that we came here ready to work on day 1.”

had left Republicans in the dust…

“I don’t think there have been this many partisan bills passed on to the Senate or the House in my seven years here.”

Senator Mark Johnson and others in his party have been vocally against much of the legislation passed this year.

“These are straight-line partisan bills for the most part”

Straight-line partisan bills that align closely with the platform of the party in control.

“We’re just excited that we’re proving to Minnesotans that we heard them. We’re going to get things done.”

On Tuesday, Governor Walz expressed his pride in the action the state has taken.

“I’m proud of the legislature. I’m proud of Minnesotans. I’m proud that we’re keeping our promises to get this done.”

But the two parties seem to be on entirely different wavelengths.

Republicans feel shut out of the conversation on issues like bonding, taxes, and what to do with the budget surplus.

“So our communities aren’t being represented. Our districts aren’t being represented that through these budget negotiations through these bills, which is completely disappointing to us, and it’s not productive for the state.”

While some progress has been made across party lines, the inability to pass things the way they see fit is weighing on Republicans.

“We’re not having any impact in the outcome, even when we do have the opportunity to get an amendment then that goes to conference committee and gets stripped out of there.”

Reporting in St. Paul, I’m Quinn Gorham