LCWM approves new reading and material policy

The topic on the table: a reading and material policy which after several drafts ended up being approved by the board.
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 10:15 PM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - On Monday, Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School Board meeting was filled with parents, former students, guardians, and educators.

The topic on the table: a reading and material policy which after several drafts ended up being approved by the board.

The school board says it started after receiving some concerns from parents.  

“You got to make the First step to start a policy without a policy in place, we felt it was our right we had. Our credentials, every parent has credentials to advocate for their kids. We felt it right to advocate for ours.”  

“I think everybody wants books on the shelf. What I think parents are concerned about is age appropriate.” 

LCWM’s superintendent explained he was going through the process of reviewing books that were ‘most challenged’ according to a known list found online.

According to the superintendent from the list, around 75 of those books were found in the district; most have since been returned, and only one remains in review.  

“6th graders grabbing the book Push off the shelf. That’s not appropriate. That’s the book that I don’t think is appropriate at all. And it’s not because of the content. It’s the language, and it’s what goes on in the book. Is graphic violence and things that are not something we shouldn’t promote.”

This raised concerns from parents who didn’t agree with the restrictions.  

“I hope that we fill our community with bright, educated, diverse people that give our kids a broad look on life and. And so I asked my school board to please consider how decisions are made because we already spoke how we want them.”  

“We start in education by exposing our children to as much information as possible and letting them figure it out in the guise of constructive places like school and at home. Because if you ban cooks or you take them off the shelves, they become taboo. They’re going to go out and get it in an unconstructive place.”

The policy closely follows guidelines from the Minnesota department of education. School officials stress that ultimately, parents have the last choice of what is appropriate for their kids

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