Joshua Eckl

Joshua Eckl

Joshua Eckl is a fill-in meteorologist for KEYC, after previously serving as a weekend meteorologist from June 2018 to April 2021. Joshua was born and raised in South Saint Paul, MN, and says he knows just how the climate and weather can be in Minnesota. Joshua studied atmospheric science (meteorology) at the University of North Dakota. During his time in North Dakota, he had two internships, one with Atmospheric Resource Board of North Dakota forecasting severe weather and another with Praedictix Weather in the Twin Cities, where he got his first taste of the green screen.

Joshua Eckl joined the KEYC team in June 2018. Fear is what started Joshua out on his love for weather. As a young child he was terrified of severe weather and in order to cope with his fear, his parents placed him in front of the television and relay updates as they came in. Now, Joshua will chase severe weather when the opportunity presents itself.

• What are your hobbies?

Storm chasing, time-lapse photography, golfing, spending time outdoors, and as of recently rock climbing.

• If you could spend a week anywhere where would you go?

Fuji is what you would think but I would honestly want to spend a week out in the southern plains during the spring chasing weather. Or just place me somewhere with little to no light pollution so that I may shoot some night time-lapses.

• What's your favorite sport to watch?

Toss up between football, hockey, and golf.

• What's your favorite season?

Summer when dew points are in the 70s and we get that tropical feeling.

  • University of North Dakota