Katie Kubat

Katie Kubat

Assignment Editor

Katie Kubat started with KEYC in February 2020 and is excited to work with a company that plays such a vital role in her hometown community of Waseca, MN. She graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in December 2019 and majored in Technical Writing and Communications, focusing on environmental science. Ask her about hydropower; she wrote a 76-page honors thesis on its potential in Minnesota!

Katie is glad to be back in southern Minnesota after a fall semester of morning city commutes and excited to start getting involved in different organizations near her hometown. She follows and donates to several Minnesota-based nonprofits - the Voyagers Wolf Project and Ensia Magazine being a few. She is also planning to join groups like Womens Environmental Network and Professional Editors Network. Her dream is to open her own publishing house that specializes in environmental storytelling.

• What is your favorite part of your job?

I love interacting with the journalists and producers; each person has their own unique approach to news and bring interesting ideas to me as possible stories. Everyone is very welcoming and talkative, which helps make the job enjoyable and fun!

• What's your dream story?

A feature on region-specific renewable energy. It would focus on specific areas that are distinctly available for specific renewable technologies (i.e. the Southwest and solar power, the prairies and wind power, Minnesota and hydropower, everywhere and geothermal, etc.). If I could get it published in National Geographic, all the better.

• What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a vet who focused on wildlife rehabilitation, but I also wanted to work with domestic pets. Then I worked at a vet clinic while in high school and got to chat with the vets about their job... I realized I couldn't handle putting down pets and animals - which they had to do on a semi-regular basis - or going to school for 12 years!

• What got you interested in news?

I got interested in news when I realized that environmental topics are shifting and changing so frequently, people are so misinformed or confused about the science involved, and there is so much gloom and doom when it comes to the environment. I wanted to get involved and help highlight solutions to environmental problems, inform everyone about the science and new discoveries, and make this world a little brighter and less pessimistic about the future of the Earth - and by extension, the future of humanity.

• Favorite Candy?

Candy Corn. I know everyone else hates it, but I buy a whole bunch around Halloween to stock up and then eat it throughout the year. Love it!

• Favorite Book?

The Immortals Series by Tamora Pierce. The main character can shapeshift and talk to animals, which is an unattainable dream of mine.

• Favorite Musician?

A living artist, it would definitely be Chris Stapleton. I love his voice. But my heart belongs to Frank Sinatra... I'm devastated that he died a month after I was born. At least I got to spend a month sharing this world with him.

• What is your favorite season?

Winter. Which sounds like a really Minnesotan thing to say, but I love it because I get to cuddle up in a blanket and read all day long with no one telling me I should "get outside and enjoy the weather". Most of my wardrobe is cozy sweaters and you can't wear those in summer! But I also really enjoy snow and winter activities like skiing, snowmobiling, and watching my dogs try and run through deep snow.

• If you could spend a week anywhere, where would you go?

I would go to a cottage in Ireland. It rains a lot there, so no one would tell me to go outside and I could read and write for a long time and feel pretty accomplished. This makes it sound like I really dislike the outdoors, but I actually do love hiking and being in nature, so I would definitely go visit the Cliffs of Moher and other iconic Ireland locations as well.


  • University of Minnesota — Twin Cities

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