Bandwagon is one of the longest running, locally produced, entertainment programs in the history of Minnesota television. KEYC News 12 first aired the 30 minute musical show on Monday, November 21, 1960 at 8:30pm live as a celebration of KEYC News 12 going on the air. The official name “Bandwagon” was not given to the show until March 30th, 1961.


Music, dancing, anniversary, and birthday greetings. Bandwagon features outstanding bands from all over the United States and audience participation.


Come join the fun and entertainment the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm, $8 charge at the Kato Ballroom. Check out the schedule of bands to see the lineup as well as dates of each taping. The ballroom has a large dance floor, air conditioning, food, and beverages that make the experience of Bandwagon all the more enjoyable!

Taped shows will air the following 4 Weekends

Taping Dates and Bands - 2019 Schedule

January 7- Dale Pexa Band

February 4 - Snow Date for January 

March 4 - Dale Dahmen & Polka Beats

April 1 - Adam Sandhurts

May 6 - Czech Area Concertina Club

June 3 - Dain's Dutchmen

July 1 - Kris Keltgen & the Riverbend Dutchmen

August 5 - Leon Olsen

September 9 - Chuck Thiel & Jolly Ramblers

October 7 - Barefoot Becky

November 4 - Wendinger Band

December 9 - Ray Sands & the Polka Dots

Bolded Text = Bandwagon Taping Dates

Subject to change with changes in CBS schedule

200 Chestnut Street

Mankato, MN

(507) 625-7553

Watch Bandwagon

Saturday on KEYC News 12 at 11:00AM

Sunday on KEYC 12-2 at 9:00AM