USDA announces funding for animal disease outbreak

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announces funding for Minnesota to prevent and combat animal disease outbreaks.

  Iowa turkeys to receive traditional presidential pardon

Tyson suspends Iowa plant managers amid virus betting claim

University of Minnesota Extension reverts to remote Land-Rent Agreement workshops

  Financial aid available for turkey producers in Minnesota through CARES Act funds

  Highlighting safety on the farm prior to National Rural Health Day

  Federally funded Farm Business Management program scholarship available for producers

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  Taking a focus on mental health in rural America before National Rural Health Day

  Kent Thiesse receives AgriGrowth “Distinguished Service Award”

  New initiative supports Minnesota agriculture, puts local food in schools

  Cost-sharing funds now available for hog, turkey farmers

  U.S. takes action against Thailand blocking U.S. Pork

  2020 Minnesota Ag and Food Summit, hosted by AgriGrowth, goes virtual

  Putting old jack-o'-lanterns to good use

With Halloween already behind us, many folks are looking forward to changing their décor for the upcoming holidays.

  Bonding bill confirms tax relief for farmers; full conformity for Section 179

Last week, Governor Walz signed the state’s largest bonding bill into law, confirming a two-year effort by Minnesota Soybean Growers Association to provide tax relief for farmers.

  Soybean crush facility, Ag Innovation Campus, set to break ground

Governor Walz will join the group of elected officials on Wednesday as they break ground on the crushing facility.

  MAPS summer food program extends to end of 2021 school year

Free meals are available for anyone in the community 18 years old or younger.

  South Central College offers tuition aid for farmers impacted by COVID-19

  Blast of snow interrupts harvest season

  Walz announces aid for agricultural producers while on farm tour

  Safety on the road during harvest, being mindful of slow moving equipment

  Minnesota Ag Expo moves to virtual format in 2021

Crystal Valley Co-op has record start

  Minnesota Soybeans Growers Association to submit, publish trade barrier concerns

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association will submit its trade barrier concerns to the U.S. Trade Representative later this month.

  Above average yields and quality crop reported during harvest 2020

Between moisture levels, yields and overall crop maturity, this season is nearly the complete opposite of last year.

  Stressing fire prevention and safety on the farm during Fire Prevention Week

With dry weather across the state creating favorable wildfire conditions and farmers in the fields operating machinery, proper maintenance and cleaning of equipment is important, in and out of the field.

  Agriculture deals with ongoing COVID-19 impact

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on the agriculture industry.

Ag Innovation Campus closer to reality

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association’s latest project reaches another major milestone as crews prepare to break ground on a brand new facility in Crookston.

  Harvest 2020 views from the buddy seat, a day in the life of a farmer during harvest

From sun up to sun down, farmers are in the fields and in the trucks for harvest 2020.

MDA accepting applications for farmers’ market cost-sharing program

Approximately $10,000 in total will be available through the Safe at the Farmers' Market Cost-Share program.

  MnDOT: Watch for slow farm equipment on roads

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, in the last five years, 14 people have died on Minnesota roads in a crash involving farm equipment.

  New study finds that Minnesota agriculture and forestry contributes more than $37 billion dollars in economic value

A 2020 Economic Contribution Study of Minnesota Agriculture and Forestry released this week finds both industries add more than $37 billion dollars in value to the state’s economy.

COVID outbreaks in Minnesota linked to social gatherings, Ag-related workplaces

The Minnesota Department of Health issuing a warning after seeing an increase in outbreaks of COVID-19 in workplaces and social gatherings.

Iowa fines beef plant $957 after huge coronavirus outbreak

The $957 fine was for a minor record-keeping violation.

  Stressing grain bin safety during National Farm Safety and Health Week

National Farm Safety and Health Week is coming just in time for harvest to start as farmers are hitting the fields and continuing to work in and around grain bins.

  Interest in agriculture skyrockets at Mankato Area Public Schools

In the program’s first year last year, 40 students enrolled. This year, over 400 students are enrolled, a 1,000% increase.

  Soybean harvest begins in Minnesota

Some cool, dry conditions last week helping to jumpstart the soybean harvest in Minnesota.

UMN Extension releases operations contingency planning forms for livestock producers

The organization says the forms are meant to provide livestock owners a starting point to outline essential livestock care if they and/or their managers become infected with COVID-19 or another emergency occurs.

  Demand and price of used farm equipment rising as producers seek more affordable options

The value of older, used equipment ranging from combines to skid steers and everything in between, has been rising for 18 months.

  USDA plans additional $14B for farmers reeling from virus

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released details of its plan Friday, saying it will provide “financial assistance that gives producers the ability to absorb increased marketing costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

  Independent investigation by U.S. Government Accountability Office raises concerns over MFP payments

The USDA Market Facilitation Program was put in place to aid farmers and ranchers with commodities directly impacted by trade disputes and Sen. Tina Smith said the funds were unfairly distributed.

  Authorities identify teen seriously injured in Renville County farm accident

The Renville County Sheriff’s Office has identified the 15-year-old male who suffered serious injuries in a farm accident on Monday.

  Wind storm removes 550,000 Iowa corn acres from harvest

That estimate places the value of the lost corn crop based on the yield and price anticipated before the storm at around $344 million.

North Dakota farmers finish neighbor’s harvest after heart attack

Around 60 farmers in Divide County put their own harvesting on hold to cut 1,000 acres for a neighbor who suffered a heart attack after his combine caught fire last week.

  EPA sides with farmers on ethanol, rejects refinery waivers

Members of Congress from farm states have heavily lobbied President Donald Trump to reject the waiver requests for months.

  Latest USDA crop report projects high yields for Minnesota in the midst of rising prices

Despite severe weather and dry spells in certain areas, the growing season was more than ideal for some producers in the state.

  Smithfield says OSHA citation “without merit”, plans to contest it

Smithfield says OSHA’s citation that it failed to protect its employees from COVID-19 is “without merit” and plans to contest it as a union representing thousands of meatpacking plant workers called the citation “a slap on the wrist.”

Hordes of mosquitoes kill livestock after Hurricane Laura

The Category 4 storm hit the state on Aug. 27, pushing the insects out of the state’s marshes.

  Prepping the lawn, taking care of plants in the fall

Fall presents the best time to control weeds, overseed, aerate and fertilize which will help your lawn come through the spring healthier than this year.

  Local hog farm receives funding for renewable energy

Ten Mile Creek Farm will use a grant worth more than $15,000 to purchase and install a 53 Kilowatt solar array. It’s expected to save the business more than $6,400 annually and will produce enough energy to power six homes.

  Smith, lawmakers pen letter to USDA over concerns of diverted funds

The lawmakers say that the decision to redirect funds originally appropriated for the program raises concerns.

Crystal Valley Cooperative acquires Shell Rock Ag, Inc.

A Crystal Valley spokesperson said the acquisition of the Hayward-based company is in line with Crystal Valley’s strategy of continued growth in southern Minnesota.

  Waseca County’s agricultural past and present, a series wrap-up

The series highlighting Waseca County’s deep agricultural roots started from the very beginning.

  University of Minnesota Waseca alumni tell the story of the past technical college

The University of Minnesota Waseca was a two-year technical college of agriculture that started in 1971 and survived until 1992, serving around 20,000 students.

  Waseca’s agricultural roots: making Waseca County prime agricultural space

Around the 1980s, Waseca County become one of three counties that are known as an Agriculture Covenant County.

Minnesota farmers face new nitrogen fertilizer restrictions

The regulation applies to nearly 12% of the state’s cropland, mainly in the central and southeastern parts of the state.

  USDA extends free meal programs through 2020

USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service is extending nationwide waivers for the Summer Food Service Program and Seamless Summer Option.

  Crystal Valley provides revenue, jobs, agricultural support to Waseca County

Crystal Valley’s Waseca County location in Janesville is proving to be an asset to the community and the farm supply and grain marketing co-op.

  First apples of the season ready for picking

The team at Welsh Heritage Farms in Lake Crystal is preparing for a busy next few months.

  Local farm providing entertainment with goats

The goat farm is completely free to the public. You can bring your own food or there are feeders at the property.

  Local organizations make sure Waseca County’s agricultural roots run deep for years to come

Waseca County's agricultural roots run deep and many programs and people in the county intend to make sure it stays that way, starting with getting the younger generations involved.

  Iowa farmers unsure what’s next after winds flatten corn

Before an unusual wind storm this month, Iowa corn farmers were expecting a near-record crop.

Iowa spends $100M in federal funds for farmer, ag programs

Included is $60 million to provide grants to eligible producers of pork, beef, chicken, turkeys, dairy, fish or sheep to serve as working capital to stabilize livestock producers.

  Applications accepted for grain bin safety program

One year after 18-year-old Landon Gran died in a grain bin accident near Norseland, state officials are touting a new program set out to make grain bin safety more affordable.

  Compart Family Farms earns 2020 Nicollet County Farm Family of the Year honors

The Compart’s farm dates back to the 1950s and currently includes a hog operation, a branded meat program and commodity crops.

  The impact of the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute’s Waseca office in the county

Created by the state of Minnesota in 1987, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute in Waseca is a non-profit research organization.

  University of Minnesota Extension offering online classes

The volunteers will take part in prairie seed collection, invasive species control and water quality monitoring. These classes are open to anyone who has an interest in nature.

  Southern Research and Outreach Center providing positive community and agricultural impacts

The University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center started in 1912.

  UMinn student crowned Princess Kay, a state fair tradition

The Minnesota State Fair has been canceled this year because of the cornonvirus, but that didn’t stop the tradition of picking a dairy ambassador for the state.

  Meat-a-palooza brings farmers, producers, consumers together

Producers hope visitors come out with a greater appreciation of farmers and producers and their necessity to all of us.

  Princess Kay of the Milky Way crowned

Her first official duty as Princess Kay will be to have her likeness sculpted in a 90-pound block of butter at the Dairy Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds

  Impact of the railroad on Waseca’s agricultural roots, promoting agriculture advancements in the area

“And I didn’t really realize that until I came up here with the railroad and found out just how many agriculture communities are thriving because we continued the railroad.”

  Powerful storm leaves 2 dead, heavy crop damage in Midwest

The storm powerful storm known as a derecho tore from eastern Nebraska across Iowa and parts of Wisconsin and Illinois, blowing over trees, flipping vehicles and causing widespread property and crop damage.

European chafer beetle discovered in Minnesota for the first time

The European chafer’s grub is known to cause more damage to turf grass than Japanese beetles because it spends a longer portion of the summer feeding on turf, which makes them particularly problematic for homeowners, golf courses and turf growers.

  Princess Kay of the Milky Way coronation, butter sculpting viewable via live stream

Despite the Minnesota State Fair's cancellation, the annual Princess Kay coronation and butter sculpting will be held for private family and viewable online.

  Continuing the legacy, Ed Frederick’s commitment to agriculture education and research in Waseca

We have more on the man who followed Hodgson in helping make agriculture in the region, the state and the country, what it is today.

  Ag students feed community with help of greenhouse

Life can be found in the High Tunnel Greenhouse on the campus of South Central College.

  Virtual FarmFest Congressional Candidate Forum addresses current issues in rural America

Both candidates hoping to represent the first district of Minnesota shared their thoughts on the struggles in rural America, including access to high-speed internet and healthcare.

  The history of agriculture education and research in Waseca, beginning with Robert Hodgson

The story of Waseca agriculture from the beginning starts with a name etched into history, Robert Hodgson.

  GreenSeam event highlights agribusiness accomplishments

Special presentation held at Franklin Rogers Field recognized agribusiness accomplishments and the continuous agricultural work amid pandemic.

  Minnesota Department of Agriculture doubles max amount for loan program

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture makes an effort to help nontraditional farmers start or expand their business.