Jobes Tech Launches a New Division Focused on Accelerating Comprehensive Patient Care

Published: Jan. 30, 2023 at 11:47 AM CST

HOLLY, Mich., Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Jobes Technology Solutions (JTS), a transformational technology company pioneering smart technology solutions, announced the launch of its new corporate division, AccelHealth Systems (view here) to navigate smart care coordination. Through its digital workflow solutions, the AccelHealth platform helps health organizations, specialty provider networks, and hospital-based management organizations reinvent the care experience while managing utilization and care costs.

Improving care delivery and patient experience

AccelHealth Systems allows health organizations to reinvent the care experience through smart care coordination.

With growing frustration amongst patients navigating long wait times and staffing shortages, the need for interoperable tools that empower hospital and provider care teams is increasingly critical. AccelHealth's platform allows care team to centralize operational tools, increasing the potential for continuous care and bidirectional communication between patient and provider. Care teams can now personalize treatment plans with real-time patient insights and monitor progress regardless of patient location. In turn, increasing the opportunities of remote care and reducing risk and staff burden.

"Our AccelManager platform enables the acceleration of virtual and at-home care pathways to support patient-provider connectivity, provider-provider collaboration, all while supporting the reduction of cost of care and risk of readmissions and ER visits", says Jobes Technology Solutions CEO, William Jobes. "Healthcare as we've known it has been disjointed. The key moving forward is integrated workflows that allow for personalized care coordination that can be delivered with ease, consistently. That's what we're solving for."

Automating revenue cycle operations for health systems and hospitals

AccelHealth's technology ecosystem tackles another scalable issue for provider networks and health systems through its automation capabilities. Leveraging lean principles of process improvement, the platform's claims processing and management tools allow for health systems to streamline billing and better mitigate risk of over utilization of performance-based payer contracts.

About AccelHealth Systems

AccelHealth Systems is the newest healthcare division of Jobes Technology Solutions and enables health systems and payers to deliver the best possible patient experience through its interoperative digital healthcare platform. Through our understanding of the healthcare industry and intelligent technology solutions, we can enhance patient-provider care coordination, but also streamline the revenue cycle infrastructure of health systems and organizations. Through timely, efficient, patient-centric, and evidence-based therapies, we can support providers, payers, and hospital-based management organizations to reduce care costs while amplifying access to care.

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