Music, dancing, anniversary, and birthday greetings. Bandwagon features outstanding bands from all over the United States and audience participation.


Come join the fun and entertainment the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm, $8 charge at the Kato Ballroom. Check out the schedule of bands to see the lineup as well as dates of each taping. The ballroom has a large dance floor, air conditioning, food, and beverages that make the experience of Bandwagon all the more enjoyable!

Taped shows will air the following 4 Weekends

Taping Dates and Bands for 2019

January 7- Dale Pexa Band

February 4 - Snow Date for January

March 4 - Dale Dahmen & Polka Beats

April 1 - Adam Sandhurts

May 6 - Czech Area Concertina Club

June 3 - Dain’s Dutchmen

July 1 - Kris Keltgen & the Riverbend Dutchmen

August 5 - Leon Olsen

September 9 - Chuck Thiel & Jolly Ramblers

October 7 - Barefoot Becky

November 4 - Wendinger Band

December 9 - Ray Sands & the Polka Dots

Bandwagon Taping Dates in Bold

Kato Ballroom

200 Chestnut Street, Mankato, MN

(507) 625-7553

Watch Bandwagon

Saturday on KEYC News 12 at 11:00AM (Subject to change with changes in CBS schedule)

Sunday on FOX 12 Mankato at 9:00AM

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