With the help of a local dog whisperer the Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society is giving dogs that once couldn't be adopted, a chance.

It breaks your heart to see so many dogs in a shelter. Especially when you know that some won't find a home for a long time. Meet Bronco, a one and a half year old pit bull mix who wasn't always this calm.

B.E.N.C.H.S. Shelter Coordinator Meghan Miller says, "It's hard to send home a dog that's jumping all over. Jumping on tables, jumping on people and not really listening."

That's why B.E.N.C.H.S. joined forces with Mark Kozitza.

He raises and trains dogs in North Mankato. In the past three weeks he's been working with Bronco since he was surrendered two months ago.

B.E.N.C.H.S. Shelter Coordinator Meghan Miller says, "Unfortunately for him being in a kennel he just got really really stressed out. He started jumping and basically doing back flips in there. He would get to a certain point where he would just start drooling and you could hardly get in his kennel, you'd leave coated in drool."

It's hard to imagine Bronco ever being described with those words. Now it's safe to say he's better trained than most dogs in your neighborhood.

Kozie's Shepherds & Training Kennel Owner Mark Kozitza says, "Some dogs it's not that they're bad dogs it's just that they have a little more drive or they have some issues that just have never been addressed."

That's exactly what Kozitza changes. With his help B.E.N.C.H.S. has turned over a dozen dreadful dogs into obedient pooches.

Kozitza says, "Even when I had to put pressure on him he has shown no aggression towards me and that is a very good sign."

B.E.N.C.H.S. Shelter Coordinator Meghan Miller says, "We're hoping we can show people what training can do and that they're more likely to keep their dog and work with them."

Giving surrendered dogs a fighting chance to find a loving home.