An Arizona woman is walking all across America to raise funds for children going through medical hardships.

Today, she made her way through Blue Earth on her way to Rochester. Stacie Eichinger began her 3,800–mile journey 138 days ago in a small town in Washington.

Today, she was trekking through southern Minnesota, about halfway on her way to Georgia.

So far she's raised $16,000 for her Beads for Courage program to help children in hospitals.

Stacie Eichinger says, "So the basic program is for every procedure a child receives there's a very specific bead to go with it. So every time they get a shot they get a black bead, chemo is white, glow in the dark for radiation and so forth."

Stacie hopes to raise $10 per mile for a grand total of $38,000.

She walks about 25 miles per day and has already gone through four pairs of shoes.

And besides raising money, she has one specific message.

Stacie says, "I think a good message is people always say oh I wish I would've done that or I wish I would've had time and you gotta go out and you gotta make the time, put in the energy."