The Highwater Ethanol plant in Lamberton is currently going through some transitions to switch from ethanol to another biofuel.

The Highwater Ethanol plant in Lamberton has been producing ethanol since 2009.

But now, a welcome change is already underway, making incremental changes to see if they are capable to produce a new biofuel called Isobutanol.

Highwater Ethanol CEO, Brian Kletscher says, "That's what we'll be working on, making sure that we have the efficiencies when that technology is in place. That we can run efficiently and make sure that we are getting the best return on our investments."

Like ethanol, isobutanol is made from corn, giving similar by–products.

Kletscher says, "A third of the kernel goes into ethanol production, a third of it goes back into the livestock feed, and then one third of it we do emit into the air as carbon dioxide."

Working alongside the leading biobutanol company, Butamax, Highwater Ethanol is the second plant in the nation being retrofitted with the technology.

Kletscher says, "and we're fortunate enough to be the first one to be put in phase one with them and to hopefully walk forward with the installation of the isobutanol technology too."

Phase one of the transition is implementing the oil extraction technology at the plant... A phase necessary to create the fuel that we may have a huge reliance on.

Kletscher says, "I believe that it'll be part of our transportation fuel and it'll be either part with ethanol and isobutanol and the gasoline. I think it definitely has that characteristic."