Lightning strikes a woman's car and not one, but two, good Samaritans are at the right place at the right time to do a daring rescue from a burning car.
It happened last Wednesday around 11:30 p.m. It was a stormy night when Lake Crystal Police responded to a call.
Officer Chris Burban with Lake Crystal P.D. says, "She had called dispatch and said her car had died so basically I was just going to check on the vehicle."
This is the area where Officer Burban responded to. Anna Smith, a Jackson resident, was traveling down Highway 60 toward Lake Crystal when he car stalled out.
Shortly after, police say her car was struck by lightning, trapping her inside of a burning vehicle.

Officer Burban says, "I was already on my way when dispatch called and said the car was on fire."

In this dash cam video released by Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department you can see the officer run to the vehicle which is engulfed in flames.

Officer Burban says, "The whole thing was I got to get her out of this car, nobody is going to burn to death if I can help it."

He then continued to break open the passenger side window.
And an unidentified man then runs to the car and helps the officer assist the driver out of the vehicle.

Officer Burban says, "Had we been farther away it could have been a dead body call."

Both the officer and motorists got a few minor cuts, but are otherwise alright, walking away with a story they'll never forget.