Prior to the starting gate, and before lacing up their shoes, Chaun and Kate Cox say today wasn't about a 26.2 mile race, but rather a marathon of mentoring.

"It means a lot, Kate and her group do so much work at this—it is so difficult for them to try and raise money, so to be able to help a little bit and raise awareness (for) Project for Teens is just a great thing," Chaun Cox said.

The Cox's say Project for Teens is made up of Mankato high-school students. And aside from the athletic encouragement today, the group severs as mentors to middle–school students.

"Oh my gosh, they are on my mind," said Kate Cox before the race, "I'm not as much of a runner as Chaun is...but I'd lace up my shoes, any race just to run for these kids."

"We appreciate it a lot, because it...helps us you know get all the stuff that we need for throughout the year, and it just means a lot for all the stuff that they do for us," said Anna Laumann of Project for Teens.

Kate ran the half–marathon for the teens, and Chaun the full. And while Kate finished early, she rejoined her husband as he completed the final stretch for the teens.

"The fact that he's out here doing something for a program that I love...and today Chaun really stepped it up," Kate said.

"It mostly means so much because Kate put her heart and soul into Project for Teens, so to be able to help out in some small way is wonderful," said Chaun.