We now have an idea of what the Event Center portion of the Mankato Civic Center Expansion is going to look like, after renderings were unveiled tonight to the city council.

After so many years of fighting over matching funds from the state, getting an idea of what the Verizon Wireless Center will one day turn into can somewhat surreal.

Along with the renovations to the arena, mostly hockey in nature, the civic center is adding a performing arts center, and that's what was on display tonight.

The new building will be on full display, and the design is taking advantage of that, incorporating plenty of illuminated panels that will be able to change color to fit the show.

No major objections were raised, but the council does want to see what the whole project will look like together.

"I'd like a rendering of how this is all going to tie together. It's important to bring it to the public before we start committing to a contract."

And the architect is confident it will be a project people will be proud of.

"We have the glass vestibule on each side to give a rhythm to breaking up the different buildings. All of them are different, but they will blend together to create continuity."

- KEYC News 12.