The MSU Veteran's Club is joining other campuses across the country to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

Unfortunately there's on average 22 veterans that take their lives every day.

And for each day in the month of April

Members of the MSU Veteran's club will be doing 22 push ups in the middle of campus.

Leah Langdon says, "Even just bringing awareness and showing empathy to the issues and just banding together with the community makes it much better in feeling like you're home when you're trying to reintegrate."

And for the club and campus, the awareness hits close to home.

Tien Bui says, "We had a recent tragedy when a veteran committed suicide here on campus and this is the veteran's club response to that. We want to show the campus and community that we're here for each other."

Back in February, 27–year–old Timothy Anderson a veteran who served in Iraq died of self–inflicted gun shot wounds at the campus library.

Bui says, "We're here to support each other and that's the best way we can do that."

Coming together to do 22 pushups with a purpose.

They want vets on campus and everywhere to know there's resources and people who are there for them.

The group gathers at the fountain on the MSU campus at noon every weekday this whole month to do their 22 pushups.

They invite the public to join them.

-KEYC News 12