Campaign 2016 officially starting this morning with Blue Earth businessman Jim Hagedorn announcing that he wants a rematch.

Hagedorn announced another run for Minnesota's 1st Congressional District this morning.

Hagedorn received 45.7% of the vote in 2014 against incumbent democrat representative Tim Walz.

He says he has a bigger campaign team and stronger fundraising than he did last time.

Hagedorn says, "We're going to build off our last effort which gained 45.7 percent of the vote, the highest against Walz since he's been in office. It's a big district, so we're going to keep working, meeting the people, building our organization, and we look forward to victory in November 2016."

Walz, a former high school teacher and retired command sergeant major in the National Guard, has been a leading Democrat in the House on veterans and agricultural issues.

Walz first won the seat representing southern Minnesota in 2006 and is currently serving his fifth term.

Another rumored candidate, Vernon Center Representative Tony Cornish says he won't have an announcement until after the end of the current state legislative session.