Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Friday morning signed the Omnibus Public Safety and Judiciary Finance and Policy bill - which includes five controversial measures concerning guns.

The Public Safety bill is $2.1 Billion dollars, and funds 30 new public defenders around the state.

It also creates the “Blue Alert” system that alerts the public if a fugitive has harmed law enforcement officials.

Also part of the bill: five gun measures sponsored by Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center).

They include granting reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other states, legalizing gun suppressors - sometimes called “silencers,” and allowing concealed carry permit holders to bring handguns in to the state Capitol.

Governor Dayton also signed in to law Friday morning:

  • Omnibus Higher Education Finance bill
  • Omnibus Health and Human Services Finance bill. 
  • Omnibus Transportation Finance bill

-- KEYC News 12