The United Way reaches out to area leaders for help with their 2016 campaign with an Executive Leadership Luncheon.

The event wants to encourage business leaders and their employees to contribute to the United Way.

Taylor Corp. owner Glen Taylor gave the keynote speech for the event about why he supports the United Way.

Taylor says, "I have been involved with the United Way as a giver first and then within our company when I worked for Mr. Carlson as an in house person to try to get the departments, tell them about the United Way."

The executives heard from those who benefited from the programs offered by the United Way.

Impact Story speaker Tiana Woitas says, "I was actually a previous program recipient of the Connecting Kids Program. So I am really just here to talk about my story and growing up in a low income single parent family and how the Connecting Kids Program has led me full circle."

About 200 community business leaders attended this year's luncheon.