The Committee Against Domestic Abuse held their first annual Ride to Stop the Cycle.

About a dozen motorcycle riders set off from Mankato to New Ulm and back to raise awareness for domestic abuse and violence.

Verizon co-sponsored the event that included activities for kids and parents.

Verizon also donated six thousand dollars to help fund CADA's works.

Ride to Stop the Cycle Organizer and Executive Director of CADA Renita Robinson says, "The cycle of violence is very repetitious, and it takes about seven attempts at leaving an abusive relationship before people are successful. Of course it takes more for some."

Ride to Stop the Cycle Organizer and Verizon Wireless Call Center Customer Service Director Marie McVenes says, "It's been a great opportunity for families to come together, to celebrate with each other and to understand and become more aware of the issues of domestic abuse and violence."

All of the money raised from the event will help CADA's efforts to support women, children and families affected by domestic abuse.