It's all about options when it comes to health care.

"And providing care that's of good value for the members of our community. Good value means that we have lower cost but higher quality and providing it in a way we want it provided," says, Julie S. Gerndt , Chief Medical Officer with the Mankato Clinic. 

According to
, the 25 hospitals and clinics in a 60 mile radius of Mankato is just one factor that has placed Mankato at number three on the website's top 10 cities in the nation for affordable health care. Beating out places such as Grand Rapids, MI, Hartford, CT, and Albany NY.

Trudi Gustafson with Greater Mankato Growth says, "When people make the decision to re-locate there's a variety of things. They look at education they look at health care they look at affordable housing. But health care is critical. So to have the level of health care we do and price structure we do... that's why we are ranked third."

The second is affordability. According, to the Health Care Blue Book, Mankato residents spend an average of 22% less than the national average on health care related goods and services which means competitive pricing.

Dr. Stephen Campbell Chief Quality Officer with MCHS Mankato explains, "It's that of collaboration. It's not often we re-peat tests. Different care providers are able to talk to one another and thus reducing that redundancy.  And there by saving costs."

And last, the area's strong connection to the nationally-recognized Mayo Clinic through the Mayo Clinic Health System.

"That allows for seamless transitions when patients need that higher level of care again reducing the repetition of tests and reducing the time of hand-offs," says Dr. Campbell. 

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